I’ll start with great news in regards to the living options we have as we advance in age. We have a lot of them! And, they’re good options too. From making our current home the best home ever, to numerous senior/retirement communities that offer a variety of amenities, styles and services. The world is paying attention to seniors, retirees, and to us baby boomers (which I will include myself), to those with physical and cognitive needs. There are services and communities galore.

Knowing when the right time to move can be as important as to where. And, should you move at all? If you love the home that you’re currently in, but it just needs some alterations to make it safer and easier to move around, lets make it an even greater home. There are relatively simple solutions that a handy man or contractor can help you with: to adding grab bars in bathrooms, to widening doorways, and ramps at stairs. Not many Realtors will take the time for that kind of conversation; most are interested in selling your home.

However, chances are, there will be a time that you’ll want, or need to move from you current home. My goal, and the central focus of my business is to help you with making that a want to move rather than a have to move. But life-changing events do happen that sometimes catch us off guard. Events such as the onset of cognitive issues to something as simple, yet sometimes devastating, as a slip and fall can suddenly and significantly change our living priorities.

I can help you with understanding your options. From ‘in home care’ and many trusted resources to assist you in your home. To helping you navigate the differences of independent and assisted living. What Continuing Care Communities (CCRC’s) offer, and how their contracts differ. I have visited all the senior communities in the San Gabriel Valley. Most, if not all, are very good, and there is a good chance that you will find something in one or two of them that is special to you. I encourage you to get to know those communities that are close to you, or close to friends and family. Visit communities; they will be happy to give you a tour. Experience the difference in personalities, from walking into a ‘comfortable home’ to ‘cruise ship living.’ I can assure you, knowing your options prior to needing those options will be a huge advantage not only to you, put to your family.

I am an advocate for seniors making decisions on their own, instead of having someone else making those decisions.